Why The Girl Will Never Buy a Kindle Book

First of all, let me be clear about this. I love the Kindle Store. Why? Because it’s easy to use. Why? Because there are so many options available. Why? Because there are so many books to read! Why? I CAN JUST BUY THEM ALL THE TIME AND NEVER HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE EVER AGAIN!

But here’s a thing: When The Girl goes out and spends money on things, she likes having real things in her hands. She also feels more emotionally satisfied when she sees a physical item that is “hers” instead of looking at an entry inside a bank statement or credit report or some other godforsaken paper trail that makes her feel as if buying means nothing unless it results in something that can be measured.

The Girl Will Never Buy a Kindle Book
The Girl Will Never Buy a Kindle Book

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The Girl has no interest in buying a Kindle just to have it sit on her shelf, adding nothing to her life but being another thing she’d have to dust every other week. Why? Because The Girl doesn’t buy things just for owning them. She buys them because they are genuinely useful or better than other options, not just for staying busy without seeing friends or going outside. Why? There are many websites and books available inside the Kindle Store already so nobody NEEDS TO BUY BOOKS ON THEIR KINDLE WHEN THEY CAN JUST READ THEM THERE! Why? Why Why Why Why Why Why!

So now The Girl is left with a piece of equipment that might as well be a paperweight and an extra $200 she could have used to buy something she actually wanted, like a new dress or a trip to Europe. Why? Because the Kindle just doesn’t offer anything that The Girl can’t get from other sources.

In conclusion, The Girl will never buy a Kindle book because they are expensive, not very useful, and she can get the same content elsewhere. Thank you for your time.

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