The best torque wrenches for bikes

The best torque wrenches for bikes (Best Buying Guide)

Recently we have focused on repairing our bikes, showing how some basic operations, such as changing a wheel, cleaning every component of the vehicle or repairing some elements.

We talked about it in the article on maintenance stands , thanks to which repairs are considerably quicker and more convenient.

In addition to the convenience of do-it-yourself maintenance, the cyclist must also keep in mind the quality of their repairs, as some actions that are too “violent”, such as tightening a bolt too strong, lead to numerous risks.

The bike is a very resistant tool, but made up of light and fragile parts, which can break or fillet, if you do not know how to carry out the maintenance correctly, forcing the cyclist to buy the entire damaged part, which can cost hundreds (thousands!) of euros.

In this regard, the torque wrench was created, an extremely important tool for those who want to repair their bike by themselves: it has the main function of avoiding excessive tightening of some components of the bike, to avoid fractures or fraying.

It is a precise instrument, which works with exact measurements generally calculated in Nm (we will see later what it is) with which it is not possible to go wrong.

In this article we want to give the reader some basic information to understand what the torque wrench is, where and how to use it and what to pay attention to before buying it.

Finally, we will give a list, as always, coming from the Amazon site, with which we will comment on the best torque wrench options available on the market.

We will pay attention to two factors, the quality of the tool and the cost, giving some economic proposals, but excellent, and others more expensive, to satisfy every type of customer, from amateur cyclists to bike maintenance professionals.

The Torque Wrench: Features and Functionality

This particular type of wrench is a ratchet (suitable for screwing and unscrewing) suitable for tightening bolts, screws and nuts; it also features a lever arm with variable length based on torque values.

The values ​​of the torque values ​​are measured in Nm, which means Newton per meter, usually settable on the handle of the key, which when it reaches the set Nm, a click is heard.

This is the signal to stop, as it represents the ideal value for tightening the screw or bolt; if you go further, you risk damaging the component and its threads.

There is also the risk of damaging the material of the bike, which if made of carbon does not show the microfractures that are created, which will worsen during use, or rather when it is too late.

In fact, the torque wrench will not stop after shooting, and if the person does not notice it, he or she risks creating fractures and damaging the structure; for this reason the key is useful, but care must still be taken.

The first thing to note in a torque wrench is the minimum and maximum Nm values ​​available: generally bikes require values ​​ranging from 2 to 50 Nm, depending on the model and the part to be tightened / loosened, but always check the values ​​of your bike.

One piece of advice we give is to create a map of the required values ​​(for example, those shown on the handlebar stem and the seat clamp), so as to be sure that the key you want to buy is the right one for your bike.

Try to stay rather wide, that is, that the key does not reach the limit of the bike’s values, but that it exceeds them; otherwise, it is better to buy two keys, so as to be sure of being able to operate in complete tranquility.

Other elements that require tightening are the cup movements (usually at 40Nm), the sprocket set (about 40Nm), the pedals (35Nm), FSA-type cranks and cranks.

Another important element to check is the presence of a pawl (a gear that prevents the bolt from loosening by mistake) suitable for bushings (the rings found for example on shock absorbers); the pawl attachment are usually 1/4 “, 3/8” and ½ “, see which ones you need for your model.

The bushings must be suitable for all screws on the bike, so you should use your bike’s manual to understand which ones it has and therefore which key is the best.

There is a precise way to understand if the torque wrench shows correct Nm values, that is the DIN EN ISO 6789: 2017 Standard, a system that certifies the accuracy of the marked values, which should be around 4% of difference for the manual keys, 6% for small keys.

The value tends to loosen over time and using the wrench, therefore we recommend re-calibrating the instrument after about 5000 uses.

Being small objects, pay attention more than ever to the production company: it is essential that it is known, with positive comments on the internet, preferably with a toll-free number for information.

In fact, you risk finding yourself buying a not so cheap item of poor quality, which you will have to throw away after a few uses.

There are also some versions of electronic torque wrenches: they are models that often require a ratchet wrench to be inserted inside them in order to function, and have the advantage of being able to set the Nm value required by the component, and the instrument will tighten / loosening necessary.

In this way there is no risk of exceeding the limit point beyond which the screw is damaged, and in some mechanical key models the “click” is not heard very much and a person may not even notice it and continue, ruining the structure.

After understanding the adaptability of the key, the Nm values ​​required by your bike, you can set about choosing the key that is right for you.

We therefore present a list of the best torque wrenches available on Amazon, paying attention to the characteristics we have talked about, as well as the quality / price ratio and the brand that produces them.

Torque Wrenches: Our Choices

1. Tacklife


We have to write this model first due to the huge number of positive comments it has received: a DIN ISO certified key at +/- 4%, it is constructed of steel and coated to protect it from rust, it has a suitable removable 24 teeth head a lot of bolts and screws.

It has the adapter for 1/4 “and 3/8” to adapt it to each component, and allows you to fix from 5 to 25 Nm. What can I say, it is definitely a great product, as confirmed by numerous buyers, all at a price very honest!

2. S&R


Another great product appreciated by buyers: available in 46 or 56cm, it allows a tightening from 28 to 210Nm, is ISO-DIN certified and is to be used for 1/2 ”.

Like the previous model, it is suitable for ordinary maintenance, to be used for those who are not professionals in the sector, but want to have a quality product, without spending too much.

3. Mighty


A product with 2-24Nm calibration, with 1/4 ”reversible ratchet and built with high quality materials. In addition to the ratchet, the Mighty has a set of hexagonal bits of 3,4,5,6,8,10 mm, ideal for most screws, and the Torx T25, T26 and T30.

It is an object with multiple uses, suitable for most of the components of the bike, but we always recommend that you create the list of what you need before making the purchase: if the bike requires the elements present in this key, it is the right tool for you.

4. Haskyy


A good quality product with a reduced price, can adjust the tightening from 28 to 210Nm; set includes extension (125mm), three sockets (17.19 and 21mm) and 1/2 ”drive. The handle allows for pain-free work in the hand and offers a non-slip grip, all at a price that questions the buyer.

After reading the comments on the site, however, you notice that the product is of excellent quality and is definitely worth more than its cost. A very interesting model.

5. Pro Bike Tool

Pro Bike Tool

This set of keys leads us to a semi-professional use, suitable for every buyer and we explain why: the materials with which the key is produced are of excellent quality, the 1/4 “tool can measure from 2 to 20Nm and it is ISO certified for 4% (clockwise) and 6% (counterclockwise).

Contains 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 hex keys and the Torx T10, T25 and T30, and includes the 100mm extension for the hardest to reach places. With the 72-tooth reversible ratchet it is impossible to go wrong, and the company proves to be reliable and quick to solve problems that may run into the tool. A high quality product at a great price.

6. HSeaMall


The HSeaMall is a 1/4 ”wrench suitable from 1 to 25Nm, which has hexagonal bits at 2,5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and Torx T25 and T30. The material is chrome steel, processed to resist rust and corrosion, in a small and practical to use.

Obviously it is certified to have a maximum error of 4%. It shows itself as a rather complete set, very resistant and precise in its measurements, and has satisfied many customers, as evidenced by the positive comments on the site.

7. KKMoon (Electronics)

KKMoon (Electronics)

We would like to offer you as the latest proposal an electronic version of the torque wrench, which simply requires a ratchet wrench to be able to operate autonomously, thanks to the manual setting of the value (from 10 to 200Nm) with a maximum excess or defect of 2%, very much easy to carry and use.

This is a convenient option to play it safe, without having to wait for the “click” of the manual version, simple and reliable, but remember the ratchet wrench!


As we said when talking about maintenance stands, knowing how to fix your bike at the right times can save time, money, but it can also save us in certain situations.

Knowing how to fix the vehicle in times of need, for example when we are missing and have bumpy handlebars, knowing how to fix the bike can even save our lives.

Obviously we will not often find ourselves in situations of absolute gravity, therefore a good do-it-yourself brings the advantages of not spending tens, if not hundreds of euros unnecessarily to take the bike to the mechanic, and to save a lot of precious time.

The torque wrench is also very important for electric bikes , which have some more delicate components, and going to use a simple ratchet wrench can lead to major damage due to excessive stress on the bolt.

We always recommend having a torque wrench for basic work, when you feel that the handlebar moves from the tube, or the seat moves, while for some more delicate jobs, such as brakes and more, it’s better to study the procedures well, or rely on industry experts.

We hope to have given you a good overview of these fantastic tools, which you will find very useful in the most varied situations, making the difference between a poor job and a quality one.

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