How to Use Books As a Main Interior Design Feature for Your Home

How about calling your home “The Library” instead of the traditional living room? How about putting some old books in that corner or wall you have always wanted to use but did not know how? Designers, architects, and decorators have come up with various ways on how to use books as a main interior design element of any space. You can give new life to your favorite pieces of literature by displaying them proudly at home.

Books are really incredible pieces of work. They are not just mere words printed on paper—their pages are filled with knowledge, memories, dreams…and oftentimes even secrets. How wonderful indeed it is that these solid objects that contain great stories can actually be used in one’s own design scheme! How do they do it, you may wonder. How do they make these books useful?

There are different ways to make use of your prized collection of literature on a personal level (for example, as wedding gifts) or for commercial purposes (such as making an actual library). But first, let’s discuss some interesting ideas on how to display books at home without necessarily reading them; that is if you want to preserve them intact for future generations or just don’t particularly like the idea of opening their pages.

How about some book stack tables? This can be really cute and quirky addition in your living room next to your sofa set. How about using it as occasional seating? How about using them as side tables—stack stacks of hardcovers underneath a nice glass top? How about making a pyramid out of them?

You can also use them as wall art. You can either hang them on the wall or lean them against it like a makeshift shelf. This is perfect for small spaces because you can get more storage out of it this way. You can also paint the spines of your books in different colors to make them look really vibrant and alive.

Adding some plants around your book display will give it a more organic and natural feel. You can also put some candles there to create a more relaxing atmosphere. If you’re going for a minimalist look, you can just leave the books as they are and let their covers be the stars of the show.

Use Books As a Main Interior Design Feature for Your Home
Use Books As a Main Interior Design Feature for Your Home

But what if you want to READ these books instead of just looking at them and admiring their pretty covers? How can you do that without getting your pages messed up or torn? How can you make these books useful in a more functional way, such as making them work as a coffee table centerpiece? How about using them as ottomans for your sitting area instead of buying new furniture pieces all over again?

There are different ways to use your many book collections in this manner. You can either stack your hardcovers neatly or put some weight on top (just remember not to add too much pressure). How about putting some cheap poufs underneath the stack; that will cushion it and keep its shape intact. You can also put some soft poufs inside an open book and put it all together to create a more comfortable and fluffy ottoman. How about using them as bookends? How about turning it into a decorative tray? You can stack your books in different ways and form shapes like a heart, star, or even an elephant! How about using them as side tables instead of the usual round ones you see today at stores?

How about making some stacked cubes—stack stacks of hardcovers on top of each other then cut them into quarters; that will turn four pieces into one cube. How about stacking them under a table lamp? How about putting newspaper or scrap paper underneath so they don’t scratch the surface. How about making your own little personal library with these stacked cubes?

You can also use your books to make a headboard for your bed. How about using them as wall shelves? How about making a room divider with them? How about making a little private reading nook with them?

The options are endless and really depend on your own creativity and how much space you have in your home. Just remember that books have a power that when used in your design, can give a grounded and deeper perception to your interior space and environment. So go ahead and use them in any way you want! And who knows, you might just come up with the next big trend in home design!

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