how to unlock steering wheel

How to unlock steering wheel (Best Way)

Finding yourself with the steering wheel locked? Don’t panic! Here are some simple tips on how to unlock it.

It will have happened to everyone during the daily commute to start their car and find the steering wheel completely blocked , perhaps before heading to work or to a special event. An obstacle like this can create panic, but just arm yourself with patience and apply simple procedures.

how to unlock steering wheel

First of all, make sure that the steering wheel lock has not been caused by damage or any malfunctions inherent in the tires or power steering . Normally the steering wheel lock is due to a safety system that characterizes the car, through which a mechanism is activated that can make the steering wheel completely rigid.

To unlock the steering wheel, simply insert the ignition keys and apply simple movements in a systematic and coordinated manner . Turn your keys gently to right and left (be careful not to force the keys too much with sudden movements, you risk breaking them) and at the same time proceed by moving the steering wheel slowly in relation to the movement of the keys.

You will need to repeat this process about 3.4 times and your wheel should have unlocked. If this does not happen and the steering wheel is still stiff, it means that you have not applied the movements with the right coordination. In this case, remove the keys and repeat the procedure paying more attention to correctly match the movements of the keys with the steering wheel.

After several attempts you will find that the power steering will be unlocked with a click and you can finally start your car. Once you have memorized the right movements to apply in a synchronized manner to the locked steering wheel, it will be extremely simple. Finally, regularly carrying out the correct maintenance of the car will be useful in order to exclude more serious problems.

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