How to remove spray paint

How to remove spray paint


How to remove spray paint– Spray paint can be useful for many creative DIY jobs and home decorations: coloring garden chairs, making murals on the walls of the house, or painting furniture and small objects without using a brush. If, however, you happen to change your mind, you can remove the spray paint previously sprayed from every surface. It will be enough to follow some indications to succeed in this operation which, not always, turns out to be easy and fast. Speaking of which, here’s a guide that will explain how to effectively remove spray paint from surfaces.

How to remove spray paint


  • Clean cloth
  • Nail polish remover
  • Gas
  • Abrasive paste
  • Paint stripping products

Use special blends

First of all, the first solution to be able to remove the spray paint, will consist in the use of a product specially designed to eliminate traces of this specific color. The special mixtures to remove this type of color will be applied directly on the affected areas with a clean and soaked cloth. In this way, a precise and optimal result will be obtained, avoiding scratching the surface of objects, furniture and walls. Among the most known and used do-it-yourself methods, there is also the one that requires the use of nail polish remover. However, it is an extremely aggressive treatment, which must be carried out with great care and delicacy.

Use abrasive paste

Once the affected area has been rubbed with nail polish remover, it must be cleaned immediately with water and mild soap, in order to eliminate all traces of this substance. To remove spray paint drastically but without using nail polish remover, there are also abrasive paste and gasoline. Again, you will need to use a clean cloth. Subsequently, everything must be removed promptly to avoid damage to the surface. The result will be absolutely guaranteed, but you will have to try not to damage the object.

Apply some wax

Once you have removed the spray paint, if it is a car, you will have to take some special wax and you will have to pass it on the side in question. These are the methods to be adopted at home with what the trade makes available. If you are unsure of your actions and abilities, you can always opt for body builders. By contacting them, you can be sure of getting your vehicle back perfectly clean from the spray paint and absolutely free of damage.

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