how to pick a lock with a bobby pin with a circle lock

How to pick a lock with a bobby pin (Easy Method)

how to pick a lock with a bobby pin—It can happen to everyone to lose the house keys, and in that case you have to call the locksmith, but how to open the door if you have to enter the house? Here on this page there are some ways to “crack it”.

Use the hairpin

It’s a classic, and you often see people resorting to this method in movies or comics, to use a hairpin to open the lock. But how is it done correctly? The first thing to do, when you want to force a door, by any method, is to check a lock , to make sure it is not damaged, and if it is rusty it is better to use a lubricant.

The hairpin, before being used, must be lengthened , as if it were a long flat metal wire, by removing the rubber protections on both ends. At that point the wire will be pushed into the lock, for at least five or seven centimeters, obtaining the desired bend. At that point the hairpin is bent until it assumes the shape of a right angle, and then it can be moved like a key, turning it in the direction in which the lock opens.

With the ends of the hairpin the lock pistons are snapped, pushing them even further, until you hear a click, and when they are all raised, the door or lock will open.

Other methods to use

The hairpin is the most used means to open padlocks or locks, but there are others, also depending on the type of lock. Another medium that is often seen in use, even on television, is the credit card , which however is not suitable for all locks. It is certainly suitable for latch bolts, but only if there is a reinforced attachment plate.

Another tool often used in these circumstances is the drill . If you have the latter handy, use a bit thin enough to go into the lock, and go deep until it opens. It is also the ideal means if the key breaks in the lock. With this tool you can choose whether to pierce the cylinder, the cylinder barrel and the defender.

Then there are lock picks and tensors , to be used in sets. The former, in fact, leverage the pins while the tensors, as their name suggests, are used to keep the lock in tension as the key would. The lock pick is turned in the same direction as the key and the lock pistons rise.

The hairpin and lockpick method can also be used to open simple padlocks , with the only difference that for the latter you can also use simple staples, or maybe even a pair of pliers.

It is also true that today’s modern locks are designed to avoid these problems, especially if they are armored, and the only solution can really be to contact a locksmith to open them, but if the problem is the key that fails to turn, lubricants can be used.

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