How to increase the storage space of your PS5


As with any game console, the PS5 only has limited storage space. Therefore, you should optimize the space you have and consider adding more.

While the PlayStation 5 is difficult to find, many gamers are now proud owners of PS5 consoles. However, you may find that your storage is already full of all the games you want to play and you may be wondering how to better manage your PS5’s storage.

With Sony gearing up to release many great PS5 games over the next few years, you’re going to need as much space as you can get. Fortunately, we have some tips on how to better manage your PS5’s storage and how to increase it if you need more.

How to check the storage of your PS5

It’s a good idea to figure out how to navigate your PlayStation 5’s storage settings, so that when you need to manage your space, you can find your way.

Checking the memory status of your PS5 is quite simple. When you turn on your console and have logged into your profile, you will find yourself in the main screen , where you access all your games and apps. From here, select the option Settings at the top right of the screen (marked as a small gear ) and go to the tab Archiving.

Once on the menu Archiving it will be provided to you a bar showing a mix of colors. Indicates the amount of space occupied by different segments, that is Games and apps , Multimedia gallery And Saved data . The last segment, Other is the space occupied by the operating system and system data, which means that it cannot be deleted or even modified in any way.

Delete your games and apps you don’t use

Usually, people download many games at once without the intention of actually playing them at the same time. Having dozens of the many PS5 games available on your storage drive that aren’t being used is just a waste of space. It is best to delete the games you are not currently playing and re-download them at a later time.

To do this, from the menu Archiving select the tab Console storage (Which is automatically highlighted when you enter the Storage menu.) From there, click on the tab Games and apps which will bring up a list of games and apps that are currently installed on your device.

If you look to the left, there is a button with three lines and an arrow . This is the button Sort which allows you to filter games and apps in different ways (file size, date of use, etc.).

After sorting the list, you can now scroll through the list and click the box to select the games you want to delete. When you first select a game, the button at the bottom right, Delete will change from transparent to highlighted, indicating that it is now selectable.

After selecting the games you want to delete, go to the button Delete and click on it. A pop-up window it will ask you if you are sure you want to delete the listed games as well how much space of storage take up the games in total. To select OK to confirm the deletion.

Physical games take up the same storage space as digital ones

Whether you have a PlayStation 5 Digital or Disc edition, the storage space you get with the console is exactly the same: 825GB of SSD. But there’s also no difference in space between installing a physical game and a digital game on the PlayStation 5. Regardless of the other pros and cons of each console, storage isn’t one of them.

However, a physical game will install faster than its digital counterpart due to the fact that it copies data primarily from a disc rather than downloading the content from a server. However, if you only own a PS5 Digital Edition, your storage issues are the same as the Disc Edition.

Use an external hard drive

If you are moving from the latest generation consoles to the PS5, it is safe to assume that you will have an external hard drive lying around. These can be used on the PlayStation 5, with a few exceptions.

External hard drives (or solid state drives) must be larger than 250GB and less than 8TB. Sony also requires the storage drive to be a USB SuperSpeed ​​5 Gbps or later model. If you currently own a storage drive that ticks both of these boxes, you’re good to go.

There is also another problem. External USB drives cannot play PlayStation 5 games directly from the unit. You are free to transfer PS5 games to and from the external drive, but only PS4 games can be played directly from an external storage device. If you have a PS5 Digital Edition or buy most of your games digitally, it may still be faster than downloading.

Install a second internal solid state drive on your PS5

The latter tip is easily the most off-putting for many people, especially those who are inexperienced in building computers or tinkering with their devices. That said, installing a second solid state drive in your PlayStation 5 is probably your best bet in the long run.

M.2 SSDs can be quite expensive, especially in higher storage capacities. So it’s good to make sure you do your research and read the guide above, so you don’t accidentally screw up your new SSD while installing it on your PS5.

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