How to get self tanner off hands

How to get self tanner off hands

How to get self tanner off hands— With the end of summer, now is more than ever time to get a tan. Keeping the summer light on is the easiest way to keep a bit of summer all year round. Of course, if you are new to the world of self-tanning, we understand that there are probably some concerns you may have – stains on fabric, clothing and hands are probably on this list. The jump took over and he just finally tried an artificial tan with his self-tanning palms? No need to worry. Below we share how you can get the self-tanner out of your hands – during and after application – and how you can prevent the self-tanner from getting in your hands at all.


You follow all the instructions on your T-bottle, but you’re not sure what to do with your palms. Do you want to avoid the hands of self-reflection? It’s all about taking the right precautions after using your machine gun.

How to get self tanner off hands

Step 1: Clean your palms. The best way to wash your hands properly after a false tan is to use a cloth or washcloth. If you go straight to wash and wash your hands thoroughly, you will remove the self-tanning from the ends of your hands and leave unwanted and unnatural shifts from visible arms to pale hands. So your first step should be to use a cloth or washcloth to gently clean your palms and lower fingers.

Step 2: Enter the grooves. During a natural tan, you will notice that the area between the fingers does not usually turn much color. Conversely, if you leave the tanner in this area, it will probably darken, as the skin is probably drier there than in other areas. You can easily prevent this by taking a cloth or washcloth and gently sliding them through the holes between your fingers.


Did you forget to take care of your hands after using the sub machine gun? You may have given your tan time to move forward without realizing that you did not clean your palms with the product – all you have left is an unnatural tanned shade under your hands and fingers. Yes indeed! Don’t worry yet; we share everything you need to know about how to remove a sub machine gun. Tip # 1: Wash your hands. If you forgot to clean your palms properly before growing a tan, washing your hands can now help you remove the remaining tan naturally. If you can, try focusing the wash only on your palms and your fingers – but don’t expect your tan to wash off overnight!

Tip # 2: Perform a peel. Of course, you can always choose to rub your palms to get rid of unwanted self-reflection. Make sure you use a soft scrub because your palms are softer and more fragile than other areas. Plus, don’t overdo it! Give your hands a rest in the middle of the exfoliation sessions instead of trying to get rid of a bad tan overnight.


Do you want to avoid getting your own tanner completely in your hands? There are several tricks you can use to keep this danger under control.

Tip # 1: Wear tanning gloves. Instead of using a self-tanning product, you can use tanning gloves! We love this method of application because it eliminates the possibility of coloring all palms – you don’t have to worry about it, so it’s easier to mix and match with your machine gun for the same application. When sunbathing, place the glove on the other side and place the machine gun only on the ends. Easy, isn’t it?

Tip # 2: Less is more. Do you think you should use an extra dose of self-tanning product only on your hands? Think again! When it comes to hand tanning, the less you use, the better. First place the machine gun on your arm and then pull the remaining product over your hand and fingers. Trust us; short range and far away!

Second Method

How can you even get a tan on your hands before they turn color
You have just finished making your beautiful golden glow, but have you forgotten to use a glove and are not sure how to control your own hands? We help you…

Step 1: Clean your palms

Tanning your hands is not as easy as washing them with soap and water. To keep the tan on the surface but prevent the palms of your palms from changing, use a washcloth or napkin on your face and gently clean the underside of your hands and fingers once you have finished applying the tan.

Step 2: Wipe the cracks between your fingers

Any shine get her will tell you that the appearance of the self on dry skin will wear and create an invalid surface. Since your hands are usually dry between your fingers, always remember to wipe the cracks with a cloth to prevent your solarium from sticking. Nothing says artificial glow like too black fingers!

Step 3: Clean your nails

Don’t forget to wipe your skin. Nobody likes dark nails.

How you can tan your hands after they stain
If it’s too late to follow the above tips, don’t worry! With these 2 methods, you can easily get your own hand tan.

Method 1: Fade your tan

To remove the top layer of self-tanning, gently massage the skin for 5 minutes and focus on the dark areas. Wash to see a more even tan. Our tanning gloves are designed to correct tanning errors and remove excess tan left on the skin. Just wipe in dark places. On the other hand, our St.Tropez body peeling can be massaged into the skin so that the self-tanning substance is gradually removed for smoothness.

How to prevent self-pressure of the palms and hands

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to think about getting rid of a sub machine gun first? To avoid encountering sunscreen on your palms, follow these tips:

Immediately after application to the skin, wash your hands with soap and plenty of water. It is easier to remove too much sunscreen than it dries the skin.

Keep your skin hydrated. The dry skin on your hands and wrists creates a rough surface that the tanner can follow, resulting in the dreaded orange spots. Apply a daily moisturizer that softens the skin of your hands to prevent the skin from drying out.

Soak and lightly dampen the palms, nails and cuticle before applying the sunscreen. The newly applied moisturizer creates a thin barrier between the sunscreen and your skin so that the sunscreen does not stick too much in your hands.

Place the self-tanning product in a bright and even light. Shades and low light can make it difficult to judge whether to use the same product. Use self-tanning wipes for trouble-free application. Non-tanning sunscreens are an easy way to get a beautiful shine without beating your hands with sunscreen.

Wear tanning gloves to help you burn your hands. Sunscreen gloves prevent the product from getting into your hands and help you get a more even color. You can also use regular latex gloves to protect your hands. Key things

Before applying the self-tanning product, apply a moisturizer on the palms, hands and fingertips. It helps to act as a barrier between your skin and a sunscreen without sunlight.

Immediately after application, wash your hands with soap and water to remove excess sunscreen.

Remove dry sunscreen with a gentle peeling cloth or natural peeling.

Always treat your skin gently! Excessive peeling can cause irritation, dryness and damage. Hydrate after peeling as part of your skin care routine to get rid of dry or rough areas.

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