How to Get Rid of Old Books

Everyone has their own taste, some like history, some are fond of biographies, horror stories, love stories, comics, detective novels, war/crime-related stories, motivational and inspirational books, and this list never ends.  Regardless of the type of book, you choose to read at any particular time in your life there will come a time when you have finished that book. How do you get rid of the books that you have completed?

The easiest way is to donate them to a local library or school.  If they are not accepted by either institution try selling them to an online used bookstore. This is the best choice if they are still in good condition.  If they are too worn out for either option, you can recycle them.  If not, and they are just taking up too much room in your home, you should destroy the books.

Old Books
Old Books

Since this is an option that many people would like to avoid for sentimental reasons there is another thing you can do with old books before recycling them or throwing them away. The easiest way to get rid of old books if they are still in good condition is to give them away.  There are a number of places where people will pick up extra books from others who no longer need or want them. If this option does not appeal to you try asking your friends and family if they want to take a few off your hands. Often times everyone has been given a book at one time or another that they just never got around to reading.

No matter what you choose to do with your old books, make sure that you get rid of them as soon as possible. They can be a major fire hazard if left in your home for too long.  So, take a little time to find the best way to deal with the ones you have already read and then move on to the next book on your list.

Books Donating

Donating, recycling, or throwing away old books are all great ways to get rid of them, but what if you want to keep them? If you have a lot of old books and don’t want to get rid of them, you can try storing them in a box or container. This will help you organize and save space, but remember to take care of them so they don’t get damaged. Another way to store books is by stacking them vertically and placing bookends on either side. This will keep the books from falling over and keep their covers intact. Or you can place your books in a binder that has pockets for each page or slip into a three-ringed binder where you can easily flip through each book.

If these tips don’t work for you because you want to get rid of your old books here are some ideas:

  • Make an extra shelf by nailing two pieces of wood together and putting brackets on them.  This allows you to add shelves wherever there is a room without having any other furniture in the way.
  • Get rid of old books you no longer want by selling them to a used bookstore, trading them in at an online or local retailer, or recycling them if they are still in good condition.  If the books are too worn out for any of the options listed above, consider throwing them away. If not, try decorating your home with them.
  • The easiest way to get rid of old books is to donate them to a local library or school.  The next best option is to sell them online such as on Amazon and eBay where people buy new and used items frequently; however, if they are too worn out for that then recycle if possible and throw them away if not.

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