How to find bed bugs during the day

How to find bed bugs during the day

Finding out how to get rid of bed bugs is one of the keys to ensuring a peaceful sleep for yourself and your family. But it is also a problem for those who manage hotels, lodges, holiday homes and other similar establishments. The environment suited to the bedbugs that infest the beds and mattresses is the bedroom but they arrive there thanks to clothes, backpacks, suitcases and luggage

How to find bed bugs during the day

You can’t explain how they came to haunt your spaces but for sure you have to find a solution. Because the effects of bed bugs are clear: you feel a great need to scratch, you find marks on your skin similar to mosquito bites but they are not isolated.

There are large areas of skin covered in blisters, you wake up with whole areas covered in wheals which are the obvious sign that these irritating little critters have colonized the bed. And they sucked our blood. We need to find a remedy and understand how to get rid of bed bugs starting with a thorough understanding of this parasite.

What are bed bugs, technical definition

Cimex Lectularius ,  better known as  bed  or mattress bugs, are bloodsucking insects. So they are parasites that preferably feed on human blood. Failing that, they can attack warm-blooded animals, birds, bats, pets.

In general, however, they focus on our skin and its blood. Here is a photo of a bed bug that will help you recognize and flush it out quickly.

Adult mattress bugs are the  size of a lentil  or apple seed (5mm, which becomes 9mm when swollen with blood). They are reddish-brown in color, oval in shape and flattened. They can be seen with the naked eye, they do not fly and do not jump.

How to kill bed bugs

Excessive changes in temperature,  heat and cold  cause the death of pests. For bed bugs, temperatures above 45 ° C and below -10 ° C are lethal.

The same goes for some insecticides such as our DIY Bed Bugs Kit which allows you to eradicate these extremely annoying pets in an easy way.

Characteristics of the bed bug

It is not impossible to notice them, they can be found but with some difficulty. At night, when they come out of hiding places, with a little attention you can observe them with the naked eye.

How does this parasite feed?

Usually, bed bug bites are discovered in the morning as these parasites take 3 to 5 minutes to sting , 10 minutes to fill (the time of 3 bites).

Then they go back to their hiding place. The human body does not react to the bite of the bed bug because the insect, when it bites,  inoculates a natural anesthetic .

Why are there bed bugs, the possible causes

How do these parasites get into the house? They come from haunted environments that are near your bedroom or along with luggage and bags. Hotels, holds of airplanes, trains or ships are the point of contagion and then they arrive directly in the bed where they find a favorable environment:

  • A warm, safe and welcoming ecosystem.
  • Carbon dioxide emitted by the human body.
  • Still prey from which to suck blood.

Feeding on human blood, these parasites known as traveler’s bugs invade bedrooms from  starvation . And they find raw material to reproduce by depositing larvae.

The causes of bed bugs are basically these and remember that adults live on average from 4 to 6 months but can reach 2 years . So take action and find out how to eradicate and eliminate bed bugs.

In  warm and welcoming environments  (homes, hotels, hospitals, hostels, prisons, cinemas, theaters), they multiply and spread rapidly. Their presence does not necessarily indicate poor hygiene and superficial cleanliness: they can invade even very clean rooms.

Why do you have to kill these parasites quickly?

Clearly, no one likes waking up with skin full of annoying stings. We must act, they are insects that reproduce in quantity : the females lay an average of 5 to 12 eggs per day and 500 in their entire existence. Once the eggs have hatched (6-20 days), they mature within 6-8 weeks, ready to feed on blood.

How to tell if we have been bitten by a bed bug?

To get rid of bed bugs we must first find out if we have been a victim of this annoying pest. Here are pictures of the bed bug bites.

eliminate bed bugs, pictures and photos of the bites

Examples of bed bug bites, photos.

The marks on the body are a first symptom but there are other signs that should make you suspect an infestation that can only be solved with a good bed bug insecticide .

The signs of the presence of bedbugs

The excrements,  tarry-looking fecal stains  that deposit in the nesting points. Bed bugs tend to excrete the last remnants of the previous meal immediately after filling up with a new blood meal. As a result, traces of fecal stains can be seen on sheets, blankets or the skin of the prey.

Other signs of their presence are the  white bedbug eggs  coated with a sticky substance and the  exuvie , the fragile remains that the insect leaves during the moult.

Bed bug bite, symptoms

Bed bug bites are a tangible sign of their presence. The stings , most often arranged linearly, can leave bloodstains on the sheets.

Bed bug bites are similar to small bumps that cause itching and discomfort. They are not very large but of an important number: they never appear in isolation and we usually find these bites on the face, neck, arms and hands.

Getting rid of bed bugs is important. These parasites cause red spots, itchy skin but do not transmit infectious diseases. The most sensitive subjects can develop  allergic reactions  , even violent ones (breathing difficulties, anaphylactic shock).

Where it hides by day and by night

To eradicate bed bugs and kill the larvae, you need to know where and how it hides. Bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices, in the seams of mattresses, in the frame of wooden beds, inside smoke alarms or electrical sockets.

How to get rid of bed bugs

Do you want to solve the problem – preventing bedbugs from recurring – permanently? First of all we need  to find their nests , find out where they hide.

You will need it to track them down and eliminate them. We have explained where they usually hide: look for them carefully even in adjoining rooms where there are beds or sofas.

The treatment to defeat bed bugs based on  chemicals  must necessarily act on all possible hiding places. To defeat them, use our  DIY Bed Bugs Kit : it contains the useful products for a cycle of 3 treatments that allows you to obtain the desired result.

This is one of the best methods of killing bed bugs because it has a long-term effect and includes everything it takes to flush out and kill these parasites, and prevent the problem from recurring after a few days. So you can do a bed bug pest control to treat the most hidden and hard-to-reach areas.

Alternative solutions? You can focus on a professional bed bug disinfestation , especially useful for those who have large spaces and hotel facilities such as hotels, B & Bs, holiday homes and hostels that are infested. Not suitable for a medium or small house.

There are also natural remedies to defeat, remove and eliminate bed bugs but in these cases it is better to play it safe and use a product that is safe for the skin but lethal against these annoying parasites that feed on our blood.

Can it be useful to change the mattress?

If you have suffered from a bed bug infestation, a question may arise: is changing the mattress useful ? No, bedbugs also hide elsewhere, which is why products to kill these animals are designed to reach the most difficult spots.

Why do bedbugs arrive in my bed?

Probably someone or something brought them, there is no reason why the bedbugs chose your bed . It is advisable to pay close attention to objects, bags, suitcases and furniture of which we do not know the origin or that we have brought with us for a trip.

How to recognize bed bug bites?

To identify bed bug bites, just evaluate the number and shape. They are not very developed but numerous bubbles, often lined up in a geometric way because the bedbug tends to sting several times in a row to feed on your blood.

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