how to fake a fever in front of parents

How to fake a fever in front of parents

Faking a fever is very easy but why would you do it? Well, faking a fever is quite common for students or children who want to take a day or two off and want to spend time with themselves. It’s just that you want to make your parents believe that you are sick so that they allow you to take the day off from your school. It’s good to play safe and get that fake fever from us so that you do not have to be at any risk.

Why do you want to fake a fever?

People generally tend to fake a fever because of the following reasons

Children and Students are basically fake a fever to get a holiday from school or high school.

Sometimes, office working people generally tend to fake a fever so that they can get the day off.

Sometimes you need to do it, to spend alone time with yourself.

As we can see, there are several reasons why you want to fake a fever. Though you can never fake a fever normally, you can always fake the symptoms of a fever so that you can make people believe that you actually have a fever. 

What are the symptoms of fever that you can fake?

There are various symptoms of a fever that you can fake. The symptoms include:-





Runny nose

What should you do to fake these symptoms?

To fake any of these symptoms, you have to have a simple plan. Follow these steps on.

These symptoms are very easy to get once you follow the various easy ways mentioned by us in this article. We, at HealthAndHealthier never support the idea of faking a fever, and this is entirely based on informational purposes.

So let’s look at the easiest and most simple ways to fake a fever or develop the symptoms of a fever in no time. So, let’s begin.

6 simple ways to fake a fever

1. Fake a fever with garlic

This is quite a common way and the easiest way to fake a fever and raise your body temperature. All you need are garlic cloves or minced garlic. Cut the garlic clove in half vertically or if you are using minced garlic then a spoon is enough.

Place the minced garlic or the garlic cloves under your armpits for 6-7 hours. It works the best if you can place the garlic before going to sleep and wish to fake the fever the next morning. If you think 7 hours are way too much for you you can also try this for 3 hours.

This increases your body temperature and your thermometer reading shows high body temperature. In this way, you can make your own fever with the help of garlic.

The garlic under your armpits makes the pits swell up, and as a result, the body temperature increases. Your body automatically produces the feeling of fever to fight this swelling in your pits. 


Cover yourself with blankets to raise the temperature more

Be sure not to overdo this, as the temperature will shoot up

Try this at your own risk

2. Fake a fever with onions 

Yes, you heard it right, onions help you raise the temperature of your body. This process is very simple as all you need is an onion. Cut the onion into slices (2-4 slices are enough). Put the onion slices under your armpit and keep it for 5-6 hours. It is best if you can do this before going to sleep. 


Cover yourself with blankets to fake the fever

Wake up before your parents and remove any pieces of evidence

Drink hot water so that the heat stays in your mouth as well

Try this at your own risk

3. Fake a fever with the thermometer rubbing technique

This is the most simple one on this list. All you need is a digital thermometer. This is a process that is safe as it is not related to your body. The reading in the thermometer will be altered which will help you to convince your parents that you have a fever. 

To do this, you need to rub the thermometer continuously back and forth on your cloth. Then turn on the thermometer and take your temperature. You will find the reading shows your body temperature to be at least above 101 degrees.

This generally occurs because the rubbing of the thermometer on the cloth increases the friction and raises the temperature at the tip of the thermometer.


Use a blanket to fake the fever

Do this just before you want to show the proof of your body temperature to your parents

Do this at your own risk

4. Fake the body temperature using hot water

This is another safe method to increase the temperature. All you need is hot water and a thermometer.

Take a cup and fill it with hot water. Turn the thermometer on and dip the tip of the thermometer in the hot water. Then take your body temperature. This helps you to raise the thermometer almost instantly. This generally occurs since you are dipping the thermometer in warm water and altering the reading. 


Do this just before proving your fever as the temperature reading will go down very fast

Don’t dip the thermometer tip for more than 3-4 minutes

Don’t keep it dipped for a long time as it will give crazy results 

Do this at your own risk

5. Efficiently using blankets will also raise your temperature

Try this method with 2-3 blankets. The more the number of blankets the better result you get. Be sure not to suffocate yourself. 

Sleep with as many blankets as you can the night before and try not to turn on your fan that night. This will cause intense sweating and raise your body temperature. When you wake up the next morning cover your face with the blanket and breathe out. Rub the blanket on your face which will make your face feel hot. This will help you develop a fever-like feeling. 


Remember to wake up before your parents and remove the extra blankets

If your parents use a thermometer to check your body temperature you can try method 4 immediately

Try this at your own risk

6. Make yourself vomit, which acts as a sign of not feeling well

Well, sometimes only raising the temperature of your body will act as one symptom of fever. If you need to prove more than you are sick you can fake vomiting as well.

Go to your bathroom and try to vomit by leaving the door of the bathroom open. Here are simple ways by which you can make yourself vomit. The forced vomiting will act as proof for your parents that you are sick.


Do this after faking the body temperature as this will act as a further proof

Do this entirely at your own risk


You should never try and fake your fever. Developing fever naturally means your health is not at all well. Faking this fever gets your parents worried. So, it is better to convince your parents that you need a break that day instead of faking a fever. Your parents want your good and will definitely understand your problem.

The fakers are always the ones who are most susceptible to sickness. The simple things like garlic and onions are proven to be enough to bring up your body temperature. This will show your parents that your sickness is real and not fake to lie.

Please share if you have tried any of these methods on these simple ways to fake fever symptoms.

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This is great. But I want a new, updated method. I have never seen this method for faking a fever. I have tried the garlic under the arms method (twice) and it only raised my skin temperature, which is not the same thing as making myself feel cold.

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