how to draw a volleyball

How to draw a volleyball (Easy Way)

How to draw a ball? In this lesson we will look at three types of balls, soccer, basketball, and volleyball.In fact, the ball is a regular circle with shadows, which shows some kind of relief. Sure, the soccer ball is very different from basketball, basketball has a different weight, different material, but they are designed almost the same. In this lesson we will not deal with the light and shadow of the ball, and to draw the ball, you need to use it. It will give the ball a more realistic look.You can look at the image below to refresh your knowledge of the light and shadow of the ball, and if you don’t know anything about the light and shadow of the ball, we recommend that you read here.
So let’s start with a soccer ball.How to draw a soccer ball
  It is not very difficult to draw a soccer ball, so believe in yourself and you will be successful! We will give several examples of how to draw a soccer ball, starting with the simplest ball, ending with the most difficult ball with shadows.Stage 1
  At the first stage, everything is simple. Draw a circle.
Stage 2
  The hardest stage is to draw dark polygons on the ball. Draw the polygons as shown in the image below. Since our ball is at an angle, let’s draw polygons at an angle.Since the ball is a ball and the ball is round, we need to draw the volume on these polygons. It is clearly seen that one of the sides of the right polygon is rounded, which gives it a rounded shape.
Step 3
In the third step, we need to connect the corners of the polygons of our soccer ball. For this it is necessary to draw a line between their corners. Please note that the lines should not be smooth, but slightly rounded, this will give our ball volume.
Stage 4
  In the final stage, we impose light and shadow on our ball. How we did it, we will say in the example with another ball.
Another option for drawing a soccer ballSince the polygons of a soccer ball are the hardest part, we want to dwell on it a bit. Let’s consider another version of the design of a soccer ball, but in a slightly different way.Step 1
  Draw a circle.
Step 2
  We draw a polygon in the center. Like our previous ball, the polygon is skewed.
Phase 3
  The third phase is significantly different from the third phase of the previous example. If we first immediately painted other polygons on the eye, then here we will have everything according to the rules.From each corner we draw lines.
Step 4
  From the ends of the lines drawn in the previous step, we draw two more lines in different directions, and we already have a football net.
5 steps
  Connect the lines with the lines 🙂
6 stage
  And now let’s draw lines as if they were at the edges of our ball.
Phase 7
  In the last phase we paint some polygons and take a soccer ball.
If you are able to impose light and shadow, then you can impose it and we will be going there very soon.The third option is to draw a soccer ball

There is no point in describing this particular ball, in this example just another version of the drawing grid. Just look and choose the grid design you like and use it.Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

5 stages

6 stage
Step 7
Another fun little variation of drawing a soccer ball.Learning to draw a soccer ball with a shadow

  It’s time for chiaroscuro! Draw a soccer ball with lights and shadows.Step 1
  As before, draw a circle.

Phase 2
  In the second phase we draw a polygon that we are already familiar with.

Step 3
  We draw three more polygons.

Step 4
  Starting with the polygons we already have, we are drawing the whole ball with polygons.

5 stages
  The fifth is the most interesting stage for us. Here we have the chiaroscuro.Shade the polygons which should be black. At the top of the polygon, the strokes should be darker than at the bottom, this will create an imitation of the glow and give our butt a three-dimensional look. The white polygons do not touch, they will remain white.After hatching the black squares, let’s draw our shadow on the bottom left ball. In our example, the light falls on the ball from the upper right side. That’s why the shadow is on the lower left side of the ball. Your shadow is drawn as a month, flowing smoothly from dark to light.But the last step is to draw the shadow of the ball on the ground. Such a shadow is drawn much easier than the shadow of the ball. Just draw a narrow oval under the ball and that’s it.
If you’re having trouble with shade, be sure to read our chiaroscuro article and try catching the ball with a flashlight. Having twisted a flashlight around the ball, directing the light from different angles, you will surely understand the whole point of light and shadow and how to draw it in the case of the ball.Another example of chiaroscuroSo, let’s go to the last example of drawing a soccer ball. It is also with light and shadow, but the way of drawing the ball is a little unusual.Step 1
  First we draw auxiliary lines, draw a square and divide it into equal parts.
Step 2
  With the help of auxiliary lines draw a circle.
Step 3
  Draw polygons. Previously, we have already drawn polygons in various ways, so we will not dwell on this topic.
Phase 4
  In the last phase we shade the black polygons. Run from top to bottom. As the light falls on our ball from the top left, the black polygons are darker from below than from above.The shading on the right side of the ball is darker, because less light falls on it than on the left, and the bottom must be completely darkened because no light falls on it at all.Draw a shadow under the ball.
We are done with the balls and now we are going to draw basketballs.How to draw a basketballTime to learn how to draw a basketball. It is drawn like a soccer ball, like an ordinary ball. Therefore, we will not analyze in detail how to draw it.Step 1
  Draw a circle and divide it with a rounded vertical line almost in the center.
Stage 2
  And we can say that the second stage in drawing a basketball is the last 🙂 We draw three lines on the ball, we will not describe them, because looking at the picture below you will immediately understand everything.
In fact, our basketball is ready, but let’s keep coloring and imposing lights and shadows on it in the next step.Step 3
  In our example we are using a rather complicated cardboard chiaroscuro, so if this method of blending light and shadow seems too complicated, you can just cast a shadow in the shape of a month and that’s it.In our example, the light and shadow of the cartoon, so paint the ball orange. Fill the space between the lines with a darker tone, but not to the brim, especially a lot of free space should be left in the upper left part. Since the light falls on our ball at the top right, so we need to paint the highlights in a lighter color.
Another version of the phased drawing of a basketballLet’s look at the phased drawing of a basketball again, but with a slightly different kind of light and shadow.Step 1
  We draw a circle and divide it into four parts with rounded lines.

Phase 2
  From above and below our basketball we draw two characteristic lines of basketball.

Phase 3
  Now go to the chiaroscuro. We paint all over the ball with a light shade, but we don’t paint over the center of the ball, because the light will fall on it, and the unshaded area will be a glow.Now let’s push the pencil harder and paint over the entire surface of the ball, making the glare point lighter than the rest of the ball. We make the left edge of the ball as dark as possible, since little light hangs on it.

Our drawing of a basketball is ready :)How to draw a volleyball: Wilson from the movie The OutcastYes, yes, if you watched the movie “Outcast”, you probably learned this volleyball ball 🙂 The volleyball ball is drawn like a soccer ball, a basketball and any other ball, so let’s draw a face on it .Fase 1
Phase 2
  We draw these vertical lines on the sides.
Stage 3
  At the third stage we draw horizontal and vertical lines. Do not forget that they are drawn not smoothly, but as if they were on the surface of the ball.
It remains only to paint the ball and it will be ready, but we have an unusual ball, so let’s move on to the next stage!Step 4
  We make face outlines.Draw eyes, nose and mouth.5 stages
  Our ball is ready.It remains only to color in any color and impose chiaroscuro in the way you like.The resultWe hope you know how to draw a soccer, basketball and volleyball ball step by step with a pencil. As you may have noticed, they are all drawn almost the same, so in the same way you can draw any ball with any design on it.

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