how to draw a truck

How to draw a truck (Very Easy Method)

how to draw a truck? The fire truck is an integral part of the work of firefighters because without it it is impossible to quickly deliver specialists to the ignition scene, nor to sufficiently illuminate the scene (if the accident occurred during the night), or to provide water or foam for eliminating the flame. Such machines differ in type and appearance, but, in any case, they all have something in common in certain places. And in order to determine how to draw a fire truck, you need to know these distinctive features.

On the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as in a number of other countries, the standard color of this technique is red. All labels, signs, and symbols, such as the destination code (for example, tank – AC Cars First Aid – APT), the number of firefighters, the name of the city, and so on, are depicted in white paint. The protruding parts of the car must be painted with alternating stripes of these two colors. The stairs have a white or silver tone, and the frame (wheels) is black.

Now we know how to paint the technique and how to draw a fire truck? Below you will find two step-by-step instructions: a machine with a hose (a little simpler) and a ladder.

So how to draw a fire truck? There are two basic approaches. Most often, the car begins to draw from the body or wheels. Let’s consider both variants.

Draw three straight lines as to draw a fire truck Add a windshield and a bumper surround, a recess for the wheel.step 2

Now draw the body and add a side to draw a fire engine in stagesstep 4

We add wheels, a tube, a flasher, a to draw a fire machine in pencil

Finish the little details.step 6

Let’s add a photo of colors.Fire truck with hose - finished version

So, you can notice that in the question on how to draw a fire engine, there is nothing complicated. Especially in case, you know the main distinguishing features of this technique. Many smaller details can be added to the previous image, such as white stripes and letters. This will make the drawing more interesting. But we believe in this process and in your imagination.

In a more complicated version, we will consider how to draw a fire engine with a pencil, leaving the revision at your discretion.lesson 2

So, first draw two circles, one in the other. This is the front wheel. Now draw a bumper and then the driver’s cabin. Let’s add a window. As you probably already understood, here we show you how to design a fire engine, starting with the wheel. In this version, there are many smaller parts, so you need to show care and diligence.

We add doors and windows, flashers. Draw a rectangle and fill it with small circles. Let’s start designing the cabin: first the front, then the rear. Let’s add the second wheel. Now take the ladder and fill the hold. On this, we finish our instructions on how to draw a fire engine in stages. You will have to paint it yourself. But we hope that you have not forgotten the information on the coloring of such cars given at the beginning of the article, which means that the question of how to draw a fire engine in color will not be a problem for you

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