How to draw a dolphin

How to draw a dolphin (Very Easy Method)

Everyone loves dolphins, there is no denying it. The dolphin is a warm-blooded cetacean, considered to be one of the most intelligent marine animals and particularly friendly to man, which is why it is often opposed to the “bad” of the sea, the shark. The films for children that see a dolphin as the protagonist are different: without even going back to the 60s and then the 90s to bother the legendary Flipper, we can even just think of Winter the dolphin.

How to draw a dolphin

So dolphins are cute, adorable, funny, and very intelligent, as well as always very friendly to humans … however, they are not exactly easy to draw. At least not at first glance. With a little practice, however, you may be able to do it. So here’s how to draw a dolphin.

How to draw a dolphin: the steps to follow

1. One of the most obvious characteristics of the dolphin is the silhouette. This cute cetacean has an elongated silhouette that you can represent by drawing a curved line that resembles a lowercase r. If you want you can help yourself by drawing four horizontal and three vertical squares, which will serve to give you a more precise direction in your work. In this case the r will be upside down, but be careful that the left part, that is the upper part, is bigger than the right one, that is the tail.

2. By drawing a U in capital letters at the top you will have the nose. Of course the “U” must be connected to the line you drew before, the r, so to speak.

3. Then draw a curved line that joins the king to the U as before, and then another parallel one: in this way you will get the dolphin’s stomach, as well as a first sketch of the animal’s shape.

4. On the back, say more or less in the middle of the top, draw the dorsal fin of the dolphin. It does not have to be large, it can even be hinted at, as if the cetacean were seen in profile.

5. Now it’s up to the queue. To draw the dolphin’s tail you can use a little trick: trace the shape of an inverted heart or a boomerang. Of course, the traced shape must be attached to the final stroke of the figure, at the bottom.

6. With a small u on the right side you can get the right fin of the dolphin. This, being smaller than the dorsal one, must be more so just mentioned.

7. By drawing a line that divides the nose in half, you will obtain the mouth of the cetacean.

8. At the top of the cheek draw an eye. You can choose whether to do it minimal, therefore only a point above the nose, or a more elaborate shape, say from a cartoon, therefore complete with pupil.

In case you want to represent the dolphin horizontally, you will need to draw both side fins, this time maybe a little bigger, and finish with a horizontal line along the dolphin’s body. To create a splash effect, you could add water droplets all around the figure to suggest that the dolphin, like its nature, is in the water.

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