how to change windshield wipers

How to change windshield wipers Easy Methods

How to change windshield wipers–Are your car’s wiper blades worn out and need to be replaced? Find out how and when to replace them.

When you drive your car, it is essential that all the devices present are always efficient in order to guarantee total safety for those who are driving. Among the various elements to check, in order to constantly have optimal visibility, the wiper blades should never be underestimated . In fact, if the wiper blades are particularly worn, the windscreen and rear window will not be cleaned properly when they are used in the event of rain and, consequently, visibility will be compromised. This guide therefore aims to help the motorist understand how to change wipers  quickly and easily.

Change the wipers: check the measurements

Before proceeding with the purchase of the new blades it will be essential to have a clear understanding of the measures of the wiper blades . These elements, in fact, vary according to the different type of car and the different widths of the windshield. It should also be remembered that the size of the driver’s side brush differs by a few centimeters from that reserved for the passenger side.

The measurements of the wiper blades can be taken either manually or through a quick search on the various websites. Once identified, you will be able to purchase the new elements and proceed with the change of wipers .

How to change the wiper blades

Once the purchase has been made, it is time to change the wiper blades . Changing the wipers is an operation that can be performed by the dealer where you bought the wipers, but given the simplicity of the same, everything can also be done by yourself.

In this case, both wiper arms must be raised, keeping them stationary in a vertical position. Then you have to look for the point where the brush connects to the arm. Having found this element, with one hand you will have to hold the arm still while with the other you can proceed to disassemble the windshield wiper.

How to remove the wiper blades and fit new ones

Once the worn wiper blades have been removed from the arm, the new elements can be assembled. Also in this case the operation is simple to carry out. It will only be necessary to slide the new blades into the arm, in this case performing an operation opposite to disassembly, and then proceed to a slight rotation until a click is heard which indicates that the wiper change has been carried out correctly.

How to change the rear wiper blade

The importance of visibility from the rear window is often underestimated and only the front wiper blades are replaced, leaving out the replacement of the rear wiper . To avoid making this mistake, this guide will also explain how to change the rear wiper blade .

Also in this case it will be necessary to accurately take the measurements of the brush. If this is interchangeable, the operation will take a few seconds. In fact, it will be necessary to lift the arm and then unhook the brush and insert the new product, while if the brush is not interchangeable you will have to buy the entire arm, unscrew the old one from the support, and finally screw the new element.

When to change the wiper blades

The wiper blades are elements made of rubber and therefore are subject to wear due to external elements. One of the main enemies of brushes is the sun . The action of UV rays, in fact, is the main enemy of the wiper blades, but not the only one. The acidity of the rain and the smog also contribute to the deterioration of the brushes.

To understand when the wipers , you will have to pay attention to the signals coming from them. If, in fact, at the time of use in case of rain, the windshield or rear window is not cleaned properly and marks are left on them, it means that the wiper blades are now worn and must be replaced.

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