How to change name on tinder

How to change name on tinder (Easy Way)

Following the “tips” of your friends and trusting in the power of the Web, you registered on Tinder, the most famous dating platform in the world, and started chatting with various users, hoping to finally be able to find your soul mate. Shortly after, however, you realized that the name on your profile is incorrect, which is why you would now like to understand how to change it.

What do you say? This is exactly how things are and would you like to know if I can help you achieve your goal? Of course yes, God forbid! If you give me a few minutes of your free time, I can explain in a simple but at the same time detailed way how to change your name on Tinder.

I anticipate that this has some limitations and, above all, that the procedure to be implemented differs substantially depending on whether you have chosen to register for the service using your Facebook account or your phone number. To find out more, read on: everything is explained below.

Preliminary information

How to change name on tinder

Before getting to the heart of the topic, it is necessary to make some clarifications about the possibility of changing your name on Tinder. Let’s start from a fixed point: the service does not offer any settings specifically dedicated to the change in question. This, however, does not mean that it is not feasible.

The name on Tinder, in fact, as specified on the official website of the service, can be changed, but only and exclusively if the profile was created using a Facebook account. If the registration, on the other hand, was carried out via a telephone number, the operation is not feasible and the only viable way is, therefore, to delete the current account (with the consequent loss of messages, preferences, etc.) and to create another one using a new name.

That said if an account on Tinder was created through Facebook, to change its name just change this data on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. The changes will be made automatically, although not always immediately. Also note that according to Facebook’s rules, the name can be changed once every 60 days.

The situation is different for the username, which is what other Tinder users can type on the service to quickly find a certain profile among many. The latter, in fact, can be changed at any time directly from the settings of the Tinder app, available for Android and iOS. From the Web, unfortunately, the operation is not feasible.

Changing your name on Tinder

Interested in understanding how to change your name on Tinder? Very well, I’ll explain immediately how to do it. Based on what was stated in the previous lines, you must intervene through your Facebook account. Below, you will find out how.

From smartphones and tablets

If you are using a smartphone or tablet, to change the name on Tinder, first take your device, unlock it, access the home screen, and tap on the Facebook application icon (the one with the blue background and the white “f” imprinted in the center).

What do you say? Haven’t installed the Facebook app yet? No problem: you can fix it in a very simple way. To do this on Android, visit the relevant section of the Play Store and press the Install button. If you are using iOS, on the other hand, connected to the relevant section of the App Store, press the Get / Install button and authorize the download of the app via Face ID, Touch ID, or Apple ID password. Then, start the app by pressing the  Open button that appeared on the display and logs in to your Facebook account by filling in the fields on the screen with the required data.

Now that you see the main screen of the social network app, press the button with the three lines horizontally, select the Settings item from the menu that appears, then go to Personal information, tap on the word Name and change the current name by entering the one correct in the Name field.

To apply the changes, tap the Check the change button at the bottom. Then, To conclude, select the correct preview of the new name, type the password of your Facebook account in the appropriate field and press the Save changes button. If you think you need more details on what to do.

Now, go back to the home screen of your device, open the Tinder app by selecting its icon  (the one with the service logo ) and, once the main screen of the same is displayed, press on the symbol of the little man located in top right to view your profile, so as to make sure that the name changes have been applied (please note that the name change could be “acquired” by Facebook in a non-instantaneous way).

From computer

Do you want to change the name set on Tinder from your computer? Then start the browser that you generally use to surf the Net from your PC (eg Chrome ) and connect to the Facebook home page. Then, log in to your account by filling in the appropriate fields located at the top right and clicking on the Login button.

If you are using Windows 10 and you have installed the Facebook application on your PC, you can also act from the latter, calling it from the Start menu. At this point, click on the down arrow icon, located at the top right, and select the Settings item from the menu that appears.

In the new screen displayed, select the words General in the menu on the left and click on the Edit item that you find in the Username section on the right. Once this is done, fill in the Name field with the correct name, click on the button Check the change, select the way you want your name to be displayed on the social network, type your account password in the dedicated field and click on the Save changes button, to save the changes. 

If you feel you need more information on what to do, you can consult my tutorial focused specifically on how to change your name on Facebook.

Then, go to the Tinder home page and log in to your account by clicking on the Login button (top right), selecting the Login with Facebook button, and entering the data relating to your user account on the Mark Zuckerberg social network.

Then check that the name on Tinder is actually changed by clicking on the My profile item located at the top left, in order to go to your profile (keep in mind that the change may not be reported on Tinder instantly).

Change username on Tinder

As I told you at the beginning of the article if what you want to change is the username, that is the one that allows you to identify “on the fly” a profile on Tinder, there are no problems: this, in fact, can be changed at any time by using the settings of the famous dating app. How do you do it? I’ll explain it to you right away, it’s child’s play.

First, take your smartphone or tablet, go to the home screen and start the Tinder app, by tapping on its icon. Now that you see the main application screen, select the little man icon located at the top left and then the Settings item.

Then scroll through the screen that is proposed to you, locate the Web Profile section, and tap on the Username item. Finally, type the new username you want to use in the appropriate field and tap on the Confirm item to save and apply the changes. If the username you have chosen is not available, it will be immediately reported to you and you will have to change it.

Cancel your Tinder account

Have you created your account on Tinder using your mobile number and therefore you cannot change the name of your profile as, instead, it is possible to do when the registration took place through the Facebook account? Then the only solution is to delete your current account and create a new one, by entering the correct name.

To find out how to do it, just follow the instructions on what to do that I have provided you in my specific guide on how to unsubscribe from Tinder. As for the steps to take to create a new account, you can instead refer to the initial part of my post on how Tinder works.

In case of doubts or problems

Have you followed my instructions on how to change your name on Tinder, but are you continuing to have problems? In the course of the work, has some hitch arisen that you were unable to remedy yourself, and would you like to receive help on what to do? Then I recommend that you try to consult the Help and Assistance section of Tinder.

Using the Tinder app for smartphones and tablets, you can access the support by selecting the little man icon located at the top left, then the Settings and Help and assistance items (in the Contact Us section, visible by scrolling the screen). From a computer, on the other hand, you just need to visit the appropriate Web page.

Regardless of the device used, to search for topics of interest to you in the Tinder support, type the keyword of your interest in the search bar located in the center and select the most relevant suggestion.

If you need direct support, however, you can submit a request indicating the problem of your interest and fill in the appropriate form accessible from this page with the necessary information.

And if, in general, you need more details about how Tinder works.

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