how to change browser language on iphone

How to change language on iPhone in 2022

Have you bought a second-hand iPhone, which is configured in a foreign language, and would like to know how to translate it into Italian? Are you about to move abroad, would you like to change the nationality of your account on the App Store but you don’t know what is the correct procedure to follow? No problem, I’m here today to help you out. You have come to the right place at the right time!

All you have to do is take five minutes of free time and follow the directions below. Together we will discover how to change the iPhone language , how to change the nationality of the App Store and how to change other important settings, such as the language of Siri, the default keyboard layout of iOS and preferences related to region and preferred language.

I assure you that whatever your specific needs – and whatever language you intend to translate your “iPhone by” – you will surely find the way to achieve the desired result. So, what are you doing still standing there? Roll up your sleeves right away and adjust your iOS language settings by following the instructions below. I bet you will be amazed at how simple it is!

Change iOS language

How to change iPhone language

If you want to change the iPhone language , the first step you need to take is to go to the iOS settings (by pressing the gray icon with the gear located on the home screen) and select the General item from the menu that opens. Next, go to Language and Zone , go to iPhone Language and select the language you want to translate iOS into.

Then press the Finish button located at the top right, confirm your intention to change the system language by selecting the Change to [language you have chosen] from the menu that opens and wait a few seconds for the changes to be applied.

The screen of the “iPhone by” will go black for a few moments and then you will find yourself with an iOS completely translated into the language you have selected. In addition to the system menus, the applications will also be automatically translated into the new language (although there are some that allow you to choose the language to use independently of the system settings).

Is your iPhone in English and would you like to translate it into Italian? No problem, the procedure to follow is the same as the one I just showed you for the translation from Italian to another language. All you have to do is go to the Settings menu> General> Language & Region> iPhone language of iOS, select the Italian item from the menu for choosing the language and press first on the Done button located at the top right and then on the item Change to Italian that appears below.

Keyboard, Siri and other settings

How to change iPhone language

Have you changed the iPhone language from Italian to English (or any other language) but want to continue using the Italian keyboard as the default keyboard? Don’t worry, you can do that too.

Go to the iOS Settings menu (or Settings ), select the items General> Keyboard> Keyboards from the menu that opens (or General> Keyboard> Keyboards ) and press the Edit / Edit button located at the top right. Then move the Italian keyboard to the top of the list of iOS keyboards, press the Fine / Done button at the top right and you’re done.

Do you want to change the language of Siri ? No problem, even this operation can be completed in an incredibly easy and fast way. Go to the menu Settings> General> Siri of iOS (or Settings> General> Siri if you use iOS in English), move to the Language menu (or Language ) and choose the language you prefer the most from the list that is proposed to you.

Finally, I would like to point out that by going to the Settings> General> Language and Zone menu ( Settings> General> Language & Region if you use iOS in English) you can also change the settings relating to your preferred languages (by pressing the Edit / Edit button at the top right and reordering or deleting the languages ​​of your interest) and the region in which you are located.

How to fix app translation problems

If after switching from one language to another in iOS some apps are not translated correctly, try going to the Settings> General> Language and Zone menu and check that the language you want to use is set as the primary language. Otherwise, try uninstalling and reinstalling the “offending” apps, or wait for them to update to a new version – the problem should resolve itself.

In extreme cases you could also resort to resetting the iPhone via DFU , but we are talking about really desperate situations where no solution seems to have the desired effect.

Change the App Store language

How to change iPhone language

Are you pre-moved to another country and would like to change your App Store nationality as well? It’s very simple, but know that you need a physical address and a payment method belonging to the country to which you intend to “transfer” your account (eg if you want to use the American App Store you must use an address and a American credit).

In theory, you could get around that by signing up for iTunes without a credit card and purchasing US prepaid iTunes Cards (they are quite easily found on the Internet), but this is quite a cumbersome procedure. Also, by doing so you will not be able to enforce your previous purchases in the iTunes Store or the foreign App Store.

When you are sure you have everything in order (in the true sense of the word!), Open the App Store , scroll to the bottom of the store home screen and press your Apple ID . Then select View Apple ID from the menu that appears, enter your account password and go to Country / Region .

At this point, presses the Change Country or Region button , select the country to which you want to “move” your account, accept the conditions of use of the App Store and iTunes Store by pressing the Accept / Agree button and fill out the form that comes to you proposed with your credit card details and your physical address .

Mission accomplished! You now have an Apple ID that can also be used on the App Store and iTunes Store of another country. To restore your previous purchases, select the Updates tab of the App Store and press the Buy button located at the top. A page will open from which you can re-download for free all the apps you have purchased with your Apple ID before making the change of nationality (the apps already installed on your phone will remain in their place, quiet).

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