How Authors Can Use Listmania to Promote Their Book

Creating a Listmania list on Amazon is a great way to promote your book. It allows you to showcase your favorite books and share your recommendations with others.

How can I get my book noticed?

Are you an author who is looking for a free marketing tool to promote your latest novel? Have you heard of Listmania?  Authors are using this feature on Amazon to get new readers. It’s quick, easy and the results are instant!

Listmania allows all Amazon account holders to create a list of their favorite things such as books. Once you have created a list, it will be shown in the “customers also bought” section on the detail page for that product. So how do authors use Listmania to promote their books? You need to include your book title in your list.

As an example, here are two lists created by bestselling author Michael Robertson featuring his books: How to self-publish your book and how to write a non-fiction book. His list of how to self-publish your book is ranked #9 on the whole of Amazon and his how to write a non-fiction book list is at #7.

Another author who has had some great success with Listmania lists is J. A Konrath, author of several bestsellers including Serial killer fiction, Jack Daniels thrillers, The cop in my bedroom, December 6th, Afraid, Shaken …and Stirred. Konrath uses his lists both as promotion for himself, but also gives tips on how other authors can do better marketing.

How To Create A Listmania List On Amazon

Creating your list is quick and easy. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Click on the ‘Customers who bought this item also bought’ link (left side of product)

2. Click on ‘create list’. It’s right next to the ‘add all items’ button!

3. Provide a title for your list and click save. Your list will take about an hour to appear, so just relax until you receive an email from Amazon confirming it has been created successfully! Once that’s done then you can start adding products into it.

Listmania Tips

Once your list has been created, how do you find out how to promote it? You can find ways here: How Authors Can Use Listmania to Promote Their Book

Another way is to use tools such as Google Reader. Adding RSS Feeds for related lists will automatically update your emails with the latest activity on those lists. There are plenty of other ways how authors can auto-promote their lists so they never have an excuse not to be marketing their books!

Listmania Features

List Mania has a few features that make it even more appealing for me as a reader and an author. These include: Search – It’s easy to search for a book by entering a keyword in the search box at the top of the page.

Recommendations – It’s also useful if you’re looking for similar books to something you’ve already read. You can find your book at Amazon by searching, but Listmania will show related lists so you might find some new reads in the process! Reviews – Each product has its own reviews section. After reading them you can look at how many people found them helpful! People who write reviews are readers so they definitely count as potential recommendations too!

Timer – If a list has been created more than two years ago, it won’t appear on the products detail page anymore because products and recommendations change all the time. However, this doesn’t mean those lists have dropped off from being used as an effective marketing tool… By using Google Alerts you can be notified when your list title is mentioned on the web.

So how can you use these features to your advantage?

Here are a few ideas:

  • If you’re an author, include your book title in your list and make sure it’s included in the title. This will help people find it when they’re searching on Amazon.
  • If you have a blog, include a list of related posts at the end of each article and link to your Listmania list on Amazon. You could even offer one free Kindle book from your list to anyone who subscribes to your blog!
  • Use Google Reader to keep track of how many times your list title has been mentioned on the web.
  • Use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to let your friends know about your list and get them to vote for the products they like best!
  • Add a widget to your blog or website that will show your latest list.
  • If you’re a book reviewer, include a list of books you’ve read recently on your blog and link to the corresponding Listmania list on Amazon. This is a great way to help people find new books to read!

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