Car Dent Repair and Cost

Car Dent Repair and Cost (Best and Easy Way)

Every day you risk damaging your vehicle with a few small dents on the car. Here’s the information you need if you’ve dented your vehicle’s bodywork.

The term car dent is very generic and is used for several situations. A dent can in fact vary from a small mark or bump in the bodywork, to damage that requires the replacement of entire parts of the vehicle.

Car Dent Repair and Cost

A dent can be caused by an accident, a distraction, or weather events. Some of the most common damage to the bodywork are in fact those caused by hail .

The origin of the damage can be important: following a rear-end collision there is generally a slight bump on the mudguard which, if deep, requires replacement. In the event of a more serious accident, auto dent repair techniques may not be enough. First of all, it is therefore important to recognize the severity and type of dent suffered by the car.

The different types of interventions

Depending on the different types of dent on the car a different technique is used.

In the event that the bodywork has only scratches and spots where the paint is damaged, making a repair is simple. On the market there are many products for the retouching of these small damages and for the repair of even deep scratches , but they do not guarantee the result of a professional. Often the traces of the marks remain on the bodywork so, by using the wrong products, you risk worsening the situation.

If you want to fix it, the only possible solution is to repaint the car.

For the repair of car dents from hail, the most used technique is the “stamp lever” which is based on the use of special levers to lift the body that has returned. This technique is also used in the case of small dents in doors and other areas of the bodywork. However, the suction cup repair cannot always be used, in some parts of the car it is sometimes necessary to do another type of intervention. In the case of more serious dents, the part is often replaced, in this case the cost is higher because in addition to the labor, the price of the spare part is added.

Why contact a professional for car dent

As already mentioned, there are many products on the market for the amateur repair of a car dent and any small damage to the bodywork. Our advice is always to contact a professional, not only to request a quote but also and above all to understand the severity of the damage.

For the repair of small dents in the bodywork it is possible to buy smoothing substances, but for damage such as bumps or indentations it is essential to contact a specialist in the sector.

Estimates and costs

It is difficult (if not nearly impossible) to provide a detailed quote or breakdown of car dent repair costs . The difficulty in calculating costs is not just that there can be many different types of dents that require different repairs. In fact, a simple riveting can start from just 30 euros. Another element that can greatly change the cost of a similar intervention is the bodywork and the mechanic to whom it is addressed.

Body shops can in fact have very different prices, for the products used or for the skilled labor involved. The rates of the various professionals may in fact change according to the use of modern means and techniques or more traditional and sometimes less expensive tools.

Finally, the cost of labor can vary a lot, so the cost of an auto dent repair varies from less than 40 euros to over 50 euros per hour, excluding spare parts, raw materials and other elements. Our advice is to contact a professional and request a specific quote, tailored to your needs and in relation to the damage to the car.

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