8 Golden Rules for Authors Using Book Reviews As a Promotion Tool

With over 19,000 new books added to the Kindle marketplace every month and close to 15 million books currently available on Amazon, authors are increasingly looking at alternative ways of getting their work noticed amidst a sea of other undiscovered titles.

One such method is through soliciting reviews from willing readers on an assortment of sites where they can publish their review – whether it be on Goodreads, LibraryThing, or even on your own website.

At the same time, others have been exploring more creative techniques as well as “guerrilla marketing” strategies that allow them to promote their literary works without having direct contact with book reviewers who could assist in spreading the word. These include leveraging social media channels for viewership as well as using those less traditional avenues that are often overlooked by mainstream media.

As an added bonus, reviews can also help you find out what your readers really think about the book you put so much of your time and effort into writing. And who knows – some reviews might even reveal great nuggets of constructive criticism that could turn out to be invaluable for subsequent works!

8 Golden Rules for Authors Using Book Reviews As a Promotion Tool
8 Golden Rules for Authors Using Book Reviews As a Promotion Tool

The 8 Golden Rules For Authors Using Book Reviews As A Promotion Tool,

Rule 1

Don’t chase after reviews – let them come naturally, don’t force it.

Rule 2

Use real names when engaging reviewers  – Disguising yourself as MsX or DrY with a pseudonym is just disingenuous and it reflects poorly on your professionalism.

Rule 3

Always address positive remarks  when responding to reviews – Thank the reviewer for their time and effort and leave a polite remark.

Rule 4

When posting reviews, be sure to post on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, and your own website  – not just one or two of these.

Rule 5

Make use of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to help spread the word  – include a link to a purchase page for interested readers.

Rule 6

Try to write honest reviews – if you didn’t like the book, say so but also offer constructive criticism.

Rule 7

Don’t be afraid to give less than stellar reviews – they can actually help an author improve upon their work.

Rule 8

Follow up with reviewers who have enjoyed your work and let them know how much you appreciate their comments.

Take these golden rules and use them to craft your own promotional campaign. It might take so or’s webpage towards one greater traffic taking steps to promote. To this extent, potential buyer’s time but in the end, it is well worth all the effort you put into getting just a few more sales for your book!

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