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7 Tips to get rid of chapped and dry lips once and for all

It happens especially in winter, but very often also in summer: the lips become chapped and dry when the wind rises, or if we spend a day in the sun, or when the temperatures drop, or if the heating is too high, in short. , practically always. Any environmental circumstance is suitable to make our lips chapped and dry. However, it is not just about exogenous factors. In fact, it can happen that some of our habits contribute to increasing the dryness of the labial Mucosa.

If you are one of the people who often have chapped and dry lips, which tend to split and even bleed, here are 7 tips to get rid of them once and for all , and have lips hydrated, soft – finally – perfect, proof for every season of the ‘year.


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Sometimes you get lost – literally – in a glass of water. Committing to drinking more water could solve various problems or ailments in the body. One of these is skin dehydration , which also characterizes dry lips. Drinking more water helps you have a greater reserve of fluids, and can prevent dryness from forming on the lips. Keep a bottle at hand, and use one of the many remedies that exist to remind you to drink more, such as the app connected to the hi-tech cap that sends pulses to your smartphone. 

Don’t just focus on the inside though. The environment that surrounds us can also be a cause of dryness of the skin in general, and also of the labial mucosa. It happens, for example, in an environment that is too hot and dry, such as that of our homes during the winter. An excellent remedy is to equip yourself with a humidifier , which increases the level of humidity in the surrounding air, counteracting the dryness caused by the radiator. Those suffering from dry skin will immediately notice an improvement. And you can also take advantage of the device not only to improve the humidity level in the environment, but also to spread your favorite aromatherapy essential oil blend.


AUGUSTINUS BADER the lip balm burrocacao

As in everything on the other hand, but in lip care it is definitely necessary. Applying lip balm as needed is not in itself sufficient to restore hydration, and above all to create the ideal situation in which to make lips thrive for a long time. To have them always hydrated, it takes consistency. Therefore, apply the lip balm regularly, every day, especially before leaving the house, even if you are wearing a mask, and always in the evening before going to bed. Keeping it close at hand , on your desk or bedside table, will surely help you not to forget it. And apply it even if your lips are already hydrated. It will help keep them that long.


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Periodically include an intensive nourishing treatment in your lip care routine, even once a day if desired. You can apply a lip oil , a product based on nourishing oils. Or one formulated with beeswax. Or even draw from the pantry to find the olive oil and honey and make a soothing and healing pack.



Lip masks can also help if applied regularly. They are usually in patch format , they adhere perfectly to the lips and you can wear them at home while you work, or in bed when you read a book, or whenever you want.


Kiko lip scrub

This is a fundamental step to be implemented when you want to preserve the hydration obtained, but to be avoided when the lips are very dry and have cuts. Exfoliating helps eliminate those cuticles that create an uneven surface and ruin the final appearance of the lipstick. To do this, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush, to be gently passed on the lips, or create a do-it -yourself lip scrub . Or, again, buy a ready-made lip scrub on the market.


Sephora lip plumper

The category of volumizing products for the lips is very useful not only for the immediate plumping effect they give, but because through their action they bring greater oxygenation to the tissues, and this means more hydration to the labial mucosa. Then apply them every now and then, to help you have turgid, but also hydrated lips. Don’t do it though if you still have dry lips with micro-cuts and cuticles.


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If focusing on hydration has become your mantra, also use make-up as a beauty ally for your lips. Choose formulations of highly hydrating lip balm, lip gloss or lipstick. So you will have color and treatment in a single gesture.

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