5 Secrets From the Author of ‘Where They Wait’ Novel

The true intent of a novel, especially one of suspense, is to keep the reader turning pages and trying to figure out who did it right up until the end. This makes sense, but how can you do that if you give everything away? The secret to keeping readers captivated by your plot isn’t what you say or don’t say; it’s what you show and don’t show them in your writing.

What happened to Tom

The main character finds a wallet in his cab and later he goes to return it to its owner. He is shot by a man who had escaped from prison several years earlier. Tom does not die but suffers a head injury that makes him forget about finding out about its owner’s name. It also makes him forget about everything else, including his own son. This leads him to make some poor choices that have serious consequences for his marriage, family, and career.

5 Secrets From the Author of ‘Where They Wait’
5 Secrets From the Author of ‘Where They Wait’

Later on, he awakens each day with no memory of what happened the day before. Later still, events lead him to discover who owns his money so much that it surprises everyone around him when they find out how much he owes them. As time passes each day is new and full of uncertainty because he has no idea what will happen next or even if something bad will happen at all!

How God was used throughout the book

I had many characters who tried to have faith in God during their trials and tribulations, but there were a few that I never thought would turn to God for help. For example, I’m not one to admit I was wrong and beg for forgiveness, but Connor finally realized he couldn’t do it alone. Through his loss of faith in himself and God; he used Carly as an example of someone who turned to Christ through her hard times as well.

5 Secrets From the Author of 'Where They Wait' Novel
5 Secrets From the Author of ‘Where They Wait’ Novel

As Christian, we all fall short at some point, and our own strength is limited to get us out of tight spots. This story is meant to give hope that regardless of what we think will happen or what mistakes we make on our path in life there is always an opportunity for redemption. We can either seek forgiveness or remain consumed by bitterness and hurt.

Why did you choose this specific cover?

I wanted to pick something that seemed fresh but at the same time spoke to what I felt were important aspects of an American town. When I began thinking about it, there were two things that really drew me to why a picture would be important and I knew they had to be captured on a cover. One was that in small towns, so much goes on behind closed doors. The second was those who don’t have secrets are not human because everyone has something in their past or present they want to be kept private.

How was your experience writing this book?

It was a hard one to put down, literally. Sometimes I would put it down at night and it’s so much on my mind that I couldn’t sleep. The story just keeps going and going in your head. It’s funny how some books are like that, where you can’t wait to get back to them and then others you really don’t want to pick up because they just seem too hard or not worth your time.

Writing Where They Wait didn’t seem that way, though; I enjoyed writing each scene as it took me away from all of my daily stresses and brought me into a moment with characters I could relate to and situations similar to things we might experience in life. This book is meant for anyone who has lost something meaningful in their lives, but who is searching for healing through love and relationships with family members.

Would you like to talk about something else related to your book?

I would like to talk about something else related to my book. My daughter who is four years old always wants me to read her Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, she loves it and I do as well, so that was just a random question I had. Now with any author or writer, they have secrets that are kept from their readers till publication, I love secrets and how they can get you to open up more because you feel more comfortable with your interviewer.

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